RNGMNN - On Darker Trails

Reverse Alignment, 2018

Dark Ambient-Album: RNGMNN - On Darker Trails

RNGMNN is Ronny Engmann, a multidisciplinary musician working from his base Berlin, Germany. Combining his minimal dark ambient with contemporary horror music making an own experimental style he's now entering the Reverse Alignment territory with the new album "On Darker trails". Releasing several contributions on various net labels since 1999, "On Darker Trails" is the first official physical release on CD. The album takes a dive into the skies above and phenomena that, for humans unreachable, space and there after.

released November 30, 2018

Music & photography by Ronny Engmann.
Mastering & cover layout by Kristian Widqvist.


  • Stratospheric Circulation
  • Tropospheric Scatter
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Bioluminescence
  • Hole In The Sky
  • Planetary Waves
  • Black Body Radiation
  • Fundamental Force
  • Spectral Lines

Delicate album of minimal, space-ambient from the darker side of the moon...