dalezy at facebook

sander/focus crafted a neat logo for me, which is going to be used in further dalezy-releases. i also took the chance to incorporate this one at facebook. check out dalezy at facebook, and give it a thumb!

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control
the fine lads over at ufomammoot released their online shooter mammoot control, featuring my c64 version of rez’ “unreal superhero” from 2001. mammoot control already got some nice features in various magazines, check it out!

dalezy at reverbnation

dalezy c64 chiptunes at reverbnation
i decided to give independent music sites a go again and joined up with reverbnation. 3 of my c64 songs are up there, as well as 2 videos.
check http://www.reverbnation.com/dalezy if you wish, i’ll put up more tunes throughout the next weeks.

1mhz.org redesign

1mhz.org site relaunch
it was about time to shape up things, so here we go – 1mhz.org is all back, nice and shiny. with that recent makeover, most of the news until 1999 were also dug up from the grave archive and brought back to life.

strange sound of cthulhu book out now

dark ambient rngmnn book strange sounds of cthulhu
in 2004, gary hill of the music street journal and i exchanged some lines about my older dark ambient track “mask of yog-sothoth” on autoplate’s first compilation named “bauhaus”, in order to become part of his book “strange sound of cthulhu”, alongside other lovecraft-inspired musicians.
2 years later, the book was finally released, check it out!
the cover art was done by joe vargo of nox arcana.

new rngmnn-site

i finally got back to doing something visual again, that resulted in rngmnn getting a facelift. new music will finally find it’s way to this site sooner or later.


verderben.org finally became official now, i’m in the process of
dragging all the remaining files over to this very place.
with that, there’s some new urls for either rngmnn and dalezy. the consequence for my rngmnn-site will be a new layout again, sometime ((maybe) not so) soon.
+ because my last gig in the wmf in october turned out to be
quite successfull, i decided to do more live-stuff with my c64s in the
future, instead of using my old laptop-setup.

new layout, work in progress

new layout. i got pretty bored with all that ascii and the
bwr-colorscheme. nothing more to add as of right now, other than i
don’t see that i’m putting any sid files online before the beginning of
july. on another note, i’m currently working on a demoscenerelated dalezy-page, all i’m waiting for is to finally find links to my older released tracked work, aswell as the one and another chiptunedisk i contributed my work to.

bauhaus is out on autoplate

v/a – bauhaus is out on autoplate. download the whole compilation for free, my part is rngmnn – mask of yog-sothoth.
also, i received another logo from dipswitch/bm, the logos got put into rotation now. any more ascii-artists out there who want to join the fun and participate on these pages?

re-release of old knarkhora irma tracks

coming later this year: a re-release of several older knarkhora irma tracks on 7″ on honeyspiderthree records.
also, the layout got changed. the ascii graphics were done in golded on amiga, using the XEN-font. the whole thing got screen-grabbed afterwards, because it looks awful in standard pc-system fonts.

loops and things

after about a month after my harddisk decided to go !”#%$&’*+(),-.
again, i’m kind of back. i didn’t do any backup of my latest output. my
next big action will most definately be backing up important parts of
my brain before i start trusting thee evil machinery again and laying
down any of my bigger efforts on the hdd:s.
i’m currently back at making c64 sid tunes. i’ll start putting them
online in the not so soon future. also, there’s another new layout of
these pages online now, it doesn’t look healthy on netscape aswell, but
as i said before, i stopped caring about the everlasting

5 became 2 – musicial projects were being merged

a more or less rational decision has been made. it turned out that i
will not continue with either synth ethic, knarkhora irma and
null.profil as single projects anymore.
i decided to merge synth ethic with dalezy again.
knarkhora irma and null.profil became full components of what i will continue releasing as rngmnn.
stay tuned for more dalezy and rngmnn releases in the near future.

new design, new reviews

i finally came to get this place in new shape.
two new reviews are up too, read more here.
new pre-listening tunage of forthcoming releases is on the way, as i’m
building a “listen” section after some time again. there’s nothing in
there right now, watch out for new things coming in the next few days.

redesign + goodbye mp3.com

the new, even more minimal pages are up. i decided to take down the
pages for knarkhora irma, synth ethic and my awful blog, don’t wonder
about a 404 page in case you come there by a link from another site.
also, a short note on my music that’s available online on mp3.com: it
won’t be available for long anymore and so are the few dam cds that i
released over there. their free hosting service ended some years ago
already, but they finally offered me to either sell out to them or
delete my pages, so guess i took the right decision.

null.profil debut

miniaturkrakenexodus” is out, it’s my null.profil debut-release.

also, nullprofil.net is up!
there’s nothing in there at this very moment, but it’ll be filled
with infos and soundbits as soon as i feel like building a shape around

5 new chiptunes, dalezy at mp3.com

these pages are up again after a serious hdcrash at saers.com.
i added 5 more chiptunes, get them from here.
i also got myself some space at mp3.com. get my mp3-releases from there, audiogalaxy.com seemed to be a bit slow lately.

news from 1998 got lost

i fixed the dead emissions- and realaudiolinks. have a look at the projects subsection, slight changes have been made.
all older news from 1998 until now sadly got lost.


this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.