new acid track: dalezy – crimson mask

i’m back from berlin’s first edition of “deadline”, a new demoparty. i participated in the streaming music compo and became 4th.
this epic industrial/acid track was tweaked and recorded live prior to deadline’s deadline, both to test my current live gear and to finally get back to doing some acid music. have some: dalezy – crimson mask.

zalza vs. the world chipmusicdisk

chiptune-musicdisk zalza vs. the world
zalza gathered a bunch of chiptune musicians and the outcome is zalza vs. the world. michu, alk, josss, beek, xyce, dalezy, wiklund, malmen, joule, cold storage, scattle and floppi are part of the lineup.
you can listen to our coop tune over at soundcloud: zalza & dalezy – rymdskepp.

dalezy at facebook

sander/focus crafted a neat logo for me, which is going to be used in further dalezy-releases. i also took the chance to incorporate this one at facebook. check out dalezy at facebook, and give it a thumb!

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control
the fine lads over at ufomammoot released their online shooter mammoot control, featuring my c64 version of rez’ “unreal superhero” from 2001. mammoot control already got some nice features in various magazines, check it out!

ronny engmann at soundcloud

dalezy - c64 chiptunes at soundcloud
i put some of my older c64 material up at soundcloud. check it out!
there’s more tunes to come, especially some uploads from my non-chip backstock are in order.

edit: i changed the url to, it turned out to be easier to put rngmnn + dalezy-material in one place.

new c64 music release: 8580 doped pigs – 6th at x2010

this one came off as a surprise release at x2010, the netherlands leading c64 only party. linus and i had a coop going in early 2010 and this is what came out: 8580 doped pigs, 6th place at x2010’s music compo.
sixtyfour million ways to listen, chose 2: c64 data / youtube (actual 8580-recording).

another chiptune theft

oldschool amiga chiptune mod being played in fasttracker
anders over at chipflip brought this to my attention. a guy called htheb stole chiptunes by some artists from the demoscene and sold them on an album, claiming all this being his work. among them was one of my old amiga mods from 1996 (“back to the roots”, released at mekka96).
then it turned out that he nicked even more – he put a good load of stolen chiptunes in a bunch of nintendo ds games. this is going to be interesting!

(the pic above shows my chiptune being played in good old fasttracker 2)

back from breakpoint 2010, second place at the c64 music compo

rebels 64k intro from breakpoint 2010: cardio chaos
.. or as it’s being called since a few years – oldschool executable music compo. all in all, i competed in 3 compos at breakpoint 2010, check this out:

  • dalezy – knucklebastards, 2nd place oldschool executable music compo, as of now, only being available as raw c64 data
  • dalezy – monolith, 5th place newschool executable music compo
  • rebels – cardio chaos, a 64k intro with a dark ambient/industrial soundtrack (video)

c64 chiptunes trollhumpa and plattenbauknecht up at 8bc

it’s been some time since i last uploaded some chiptunes to 8bitcollective. anyway, here’s 2 c64 tunes from 2005 and 2008:

the picture above shows the music data for trollhumpa, it was done in jch editor on the c64.

new c64 release: sounds of the amiga #1

triad - sounds of the amiga #1
we in triad released another five year plan:
a c64 musicdisk called sounds of the amiga. it’s consisting of remixes of some really awesome amiga tunes. along with those comes a nice menu for the tunes to chose from.
i also did the tune for iopop’s excellent remake of the crystal intro. the visuals were done by our very own spot, also from uprough fame.

autumn brought us 2 rebels-intros

right, that’s 2 intros. number one is starring stan and me, bearing the name comet, with the same being the theme of the show. it’s all done in 4k and we’re proud to report that it became 3rd at the function demoparty which took place in hungary this year. the other one would be resistance is futile – the winning intro from this year’s main party which took part in marseille/france; done by h2o, pasy, brainbox and me. all hail the art of compression, for we still have our lives zipped on a disk.
here’s the video versions:

in another news, and for good old history’s sake, this place is reachable via now as well. that means, easier typable
stuff for your mobile unit: +

breakpoint 2008, 2 times first!

breakpoint 2008, 2 times first!
breakpoint took place yet again, but not without me taking part in the compos as well. i managed to win both, the oldschool and newschool executable compos, download the actual files here:

mp3 recordings are yet to follow, temporary bad luck for those who don’t want to deal with .exe, .d64 and/or .sid-data.

new compilation: dark vault 2; new chiptunes

new compilation: dark vault 2; new chiptunes
rngmnn – jag tände en eld i det mörka krypta, a track from 2005 is out now on dark vault 2/enoughrecords.
3 new upcoming releases are being rumored, more info is coming up. you’re going to like those. promised.

also, there’s new stuff from the chiptune-front:

dalezy – zac mckracken remix at rko

dalezy - zac mckracken remix at rko

my remix of zac mckracken has landed, sort of.
for those who didn’t know – zac mckracken was spawned by lucasfilm games in 1988 and was next to maniac mansion the leading graphical adventure game on the c64.
throughout the years (and to slightly exaggarate on my part) i had hundreds upon thousands of takes on the zak mckracken theme, yet this time i finally finished my remix and submitted it to rko. download my zac mckracken remix right here.

also new: dalezy – immoral coil, a c64-tune that came 9th at’s annual sidcompo. yay!

still – malewitsch

still - malewitsch
malewitsch by still became 1st in this years bcnparty 64k intro competition.
get the executable or the video-recording and the soundtrack of the intro.
the track itself is of rngmnn-like dark ambient nature, i decided to release it as dalezy anyway as it is a demoscene release.
if you don’t know still yet, it’s a berlin based demoscene collective that i’m part of, feel free to check the other releases as well, it’s all worth it.

“friedrichshain” and new demoscene-releases

"friedrichshain" and new demoscene-releases

billy hauptmann did a short video using one of my tracks. check it out!

in another news, there’s new new stuff, demoscene-related even, open your ears:

  • bitjam vol. 1: solaris – a downloadable dvd, containing the biggest pc musicdisk that ever got released.
  • orange/triad (c64) – featuring a remake of one of my dreary old tunes from ’92! childhood memories are yet again being packed into contemporary c64 goodness.
  • superior art creations pack #35 – “that is not dead which can eternal lie”; sac’s only been sleeping, we’re back once every 2nd year.

a chiptune a day // 8bitcollective-marathon

right, july is 8bc-month. the demons called, i answered.
i’ll give my best and support the mighty 8bitcollective with at least a chiptune a day. go here. check out stuff. make your friends suffer. now.

plenty of my old c64 and amiga chiptunes up at 8bitcollective!

plenty of my old c64 and amiga chiptunes up at 8bitcollective!

right, this month’s mission is a-chiptune-a-day-for-8bc. check out my profile page at 8bc as more old chiptune-joy is being added throughout july. keep your ears peeled for 30 chiptunes!

“rebellion” – new pc musicdisk ft. music by dalezy, virgill, chromag and ne7

rebellion by rebels - dalezy, virgill, chromag, ne7

we in rebels came up with a kickass musicdisk called rebellion, featuring music by virgill, chromag, ne7 and me. it runs on windows and osx, check it out!

breakpoint 2007 – demoscene award ownage, 2 new tunes

breakpoint 2007

breakpoint is over and it proved to be a successfull event yet again. error 23 a
c64 demo by resource and the dreams where i did the music for, was nominated and won the awards for best demo on an oldschool platform.
i also competed with 2 tracks in the oldschool and newschool executable music compos which you can download directly here:

3 new minimal techno/acid c64-tunes

3 new minimal techno/acid c64-tunes

i did 3 new tunes, all of them being minimal techno/acid done on my c64 in jch editor:

new c64-release: hvsc 10 years

new c64-release: hvsc 10 years

hvsc 10 years, a c64-musicdisk for hvsc’s 10th anniversary was released today. it feaatures music by glenn rune gallefoss, aleksi eeben, chris huelsbeck, dalezy, deetsay, drax, goto80, maktone, jeroen tel, laxity and a bunch of others. you shouldn’t miss out on this item!

back from breakpoint 2006, 6 new demoscene releases

error 23 by resource and the dreams
breakpoint turned out to be a big success this year. i managed 2 times 2nd and 2 times 3rd place for releases in various compos.
let’s head over to the c64 releases. it’s a whopping bunch of 4:

and on the pc-side of things there was:

new c64 demo: triad – stillout

triad - stillout

iopop and i worked on a short but effective 6-part c64-demo called stillout. there’s no video available of it yet, you have to load it up in the c64-emulator of your choice!

latest chiptune releases – c64 and zx spectrum

new chiptunes: zx spectrum + c64

2 new chiptunes are out:

triad: the throckmorton device – c64 demo

triad c64 demo the throckmorton device
what an amazing show!
let’s scroll a few days back. being a part of the c64 turrican 3 team and being rolled out on the large end, i had quite a bunch of ingame-tunes left. iopop, twoflower and me got in contact and we finally came up with this awesome c64-demo called “the throckmorton device“. it became first at floppy 2005, a c64-demo-party, held in helsingborg in good old sweden. after floppy, i joined forces with triad.
for the people without a c64, here’s the video of the throckmorton device.

back from evoke, playing live at maria in berlin

i’m back from evoke which took part last weekend in cologne/germoney. i’m glad to announce that i won both, the 4channel and multichannel music-competitions there.
the date for my next liveact is also set for the 17th of october this
year. it’s taking part @ maria am ufer in berlin. this will also be the
first time ever that i play out using 2 c64s only, so if you’re up to
something rare, you should consider going there. in case that didn’t
sound interesting enough yet, a more promising lineup will be announced

redesign, new chipmusic disk

this place got a new dress again. i’m having fun with some more self-done rotating images this time. nothing else is new, other than i got some new/old hardware: my 4th amiga. a new/old second (well, 4th, if you don’t count the long dead machines) 8580-powered c64 is arriving soonish, my very last money got spent in that for further liveacts.
a new chipmusic disk is out as well, get scoopex ‘n’ chips 2 while it’s hot!.

emissions being featured at modsoulbrother

one of my old mid-90s scene-projects, the emissions chiptunedisks, an
ellaborative effort by international chipartists and the first one of
it’s kind in the pc scene, got featured at modsoulbrother, hosted by h0l/mono211. thanks for that.

breakpoint 2003 and sidwine#2

old but good news: i reached both the 2nd and 3rd place at the
breakpoint 2003- and sidwine#2-c64 music competitions. both tunes are
available right here.
on another note, some caring people kept asking if it’s possible for me
to put up either mp3-recordings of my c64 tunes or the respective c64
executables, because they find it hard to enjoy c64 music in an
emulated environment, such as the pc and its sid-players. this will be done step by step during the next days/weeks, so
stay tuned for more mp3s, aswell as the executables at my chipmusic-related page.

site-relaunch, new chipmusicdisk

another new layout is up. there’s some more mp3s up in the music section, and scoopex ‘n’ chips came out just recently. scoopex ‘n’ chips features a selection of my chiptunes from 1997-2001.

new site for my demoscene releases

i finally put up the site which covers (almost) all of my past and present demoscene-activites. with that, i also managed to make my released c64 sid tunes, aswell as some 200++ of my old tracked tunes available. check it out!

new c64-musicdisk: pop-bashing

my first c64 musicdisk called pop-bashing is out, featuring 6 tunes done by me and splendid visuals and code by mermaid. don’t miss it, get it right here.

5 new chiptunes, dalezy at

these pages are up again after a serious hdcrash at
i added 5 more chiptunes, get them from here.
i also got myself some space at get my mp3-releases from there, seemed to be a bit slow lately.


this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.