new compilation: dark vault 2; new chiptunes

new compilation: dark vault 2; new chiptunes
rngmnn – jag tände en eld i det mörka krypta, a track from 2005 is out now on dark vault 2/enoughrecords.
3 new upcoming releases are being rumored, more info is coming up. you’re going to like those. promised.

also, there’s new stuff from the chiptune-front:

dalezy – zac mckracken remix at rko

dalezy - zac mckracken remix at rko

my remix of zac mckracken has landed, sort of.
for those who didn’t know – zac mckracken was spawned by lucasfilm games in 1988 and was next to maniac mansion the leading graphical adventure game on the c64.
throughout the years (and to slightly exaggarate on my part) i had hundreds upon thousands of takes on the zak mckracken theme, yet this time i finally finished my remix and submitted it to rko. download my zac mckracken remix right here.

also new: dalezy – immoral coil, a c64-tune that came 9th at’s annual sidcompo. yay!


this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.