new c64-release: hvsc 10 years

new c64-release: hvsc 10 years

hvsc 10 years, a c64-musicdisk for hvsc’s 10th anniversary was released today. it feaatures music by glenn rune gallefoss, aleksi eeben, chris huelsbeck, dalezy, deetsay, drax, goto80, maktone, jeroen tel, laxity and a bunch of others. you shouldn’t miss out on this item!

rngmnn – know your city; out now on enoughrecords

a new dark ambient release is out: rngmnn – know your city. this 3-track ep is available through enoughrecords.


this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.