dalezy – face on mars 12"

dalezy – face on mars” is finally out on underscan records.
it’s limited to 300 “12 vinyl copies and is available in sorted stores.
you can also get it via mailorder (which also includes the video to
“face on mars”).
oddly enough, about the same time the scientists at the mars global
surveyor destroyed the myth of the actual face on mars by taking new
pictures of the hill around the mars-cydonia region. the viking1 did a
good job on making myself a believer of the face-theory though.

redesign + goodbye mp3.com

the new, even more minimal pages are up. i decided to take down the
pages for knarkhora irma, synth ethic and my awful blog, don’t wonder
about a 404 page in case you come there by a link from another site.
also, a short note on my music that’s available online on mp3.com: it
won’t be available for long anymore and so are the few dam cds that i
released over there. their free hosting service ended some years ago
already, but they finally offered me to either sell out to them or
delete my pages, so guess i took the right decision.

new cd compilation on ibol records

latest release: “knarkhora irma – stolid“, out on IBOL records first compilation called “sonis a priori“.


this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.