ronny engmann / rngmnn / dalezy

this is the online presence of ronny engmann, an audio artist from berlin/germany who works and performs as rngmnn and dalezy, and since the beginning of 2010, also runs the dark ambient music label 1798.


rngmnn – absurd antagonist out now on 1798

rngmnn - absurd antagonist out now on 1798
rngmnn – absurd antagonist is out now on your favorite dark ambient label – 1798!
absurd antagonist features 5 dark ambient tracks, this time going a little along the direction of 80s movie soundtracks style synth-driven ambient.
the material was produced and recorded between january and april 2014.

ronny engmann feat. _smh – change (tears for fears cover)

2014 took a little and interesting turn, music-wise. i started to work with berlin based artist and djane sandra m. heinzelmann, who is otherwise known as _smh. the first released collaboration effort is our take on the 1980s top group tears for fears’s song “change”.

vocals recorded by kelly wells at sweetzer, west hollywood – vocal
“don’t sing this like it’s an opera” coaching by aaron molho

keep your ears peeled, there’s more to come from us!

my entry for the deutsches symphonieorchester berlin remix contest

the deutsches symphonie-orchester berlin is currently holding a remix competition, based on antonín dvořáks 9th symphony.
here is my entry: rngmnn – into a new world. this drone/dark ambient piece is on the storytelling side of things. this is my take on “into a new world”.

nagz – for the better remixes – out on camomille

nagz - for the better remixes - out on camomille
nagz gathered a few of his old tracking scene buddies and got this compilation done: for the better remixes.
a variety of styles is being provided by the hypergiant, curve quartet, parsec, makunouchi bento, jean nine, bassrack wobama, bacter and rngmnn. check it out!

zalza vs. the world chipmusicdisk

chiptune-musicdisk zalza vs. the world
zalza gathered a bunch of chiptune musicians and the outcome is zalza vs. the world. michu, alk, josss, beek, xyce, dalezy, wiklund, malmen, joule, cold storage, scattle and floppi are part of the lineup.
you can listen to our coop tune over at soundcloud: zalza & dalezy – rymdskepp.

dalezy at facebook

sander/focus crafted a neat logo for me, which is going to be used in further dalezy-releases. i also took the chance to incorporate this one at facebook. check out dalezy at facebook, and give it a thumb!

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control

c64 chiptune featured in online shooter mammoot control
the fine lads over at ufomammoot released their online shooter mammoot control, featuring my c64 version of rez’ “unreal superhero” from 2001. mammoot control already got some nice features in various magazines, check it out!

ronny engmann at soundcloud

dalezy - c64 chiptunes at soundcloud
i put some of my older c64 material up at soundcloud. check it out!
there’s more tunes to come, especially some uploads from my non-chip backstock are in order.

edit: i changed the url to, it turned out to be easier to put rngmnn + dalezy-material in one place.

new c64 music release: 8580 doped pigs – 6th at x2010

this one came off as a surprise release at x2010, the netherlands leading c64 only party. linus and i had a coop going in early 2010 and this is what came out: 8580 doped pigs, 6th place at x2010′s music compo.
sixtyfour million ways to listen, chose 2: c64 data / youtube (actual 8580-recording).

dalezy at reverbnation

dalezy c64 chiptunes at reverbnation
i decided to give independent music sites a go again and joined up with reverbnation. 3 of my c64 songs are up there, as well as 2 videos.
check if you wish, i’ll put up more tunes throughout the next weeks.

latest releases

rngmnn - skogsrået (1798)
rngmnn - skogsrået

rngmnn - strvnýe (1798)
rngmnn - strvnýe

v/a - 15 tracks from binkcrsh
v/a - 15 tracks from binkcrsh